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Burning Tree
Family Room

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Chevy Chase
Home Office

A big thank you to my amazing client who let us run with our ideas for this home office. We all love how the rich colors and fun patterns make a space where one could really focus and let their…

Chevy Chase
Powder Room

Our clients tiny powder room had so much potential. Small spaces provide the opportunity to make something really special happen. In this case, we felt that both the sink and the mirror were the ideal size and shape for the…


With two decades spent in the visual arts, I bring a unique perspective to my design projects. After working as a producer and photographer, I changed careers and entered the world of design. I received my design training at New York Institute for Art and Design and as a full time designer for one of Washington DC’s top design firms.

My background in the visual arts gives me a deep understanding of light, color and composition. Additionally, my years as a producer and running my own production and photography businesses contribute to my ability to manage my client’s projects and budgets effectively.

I believe designing a home is about many things. Not only is it about being creative and having a vision. It’s also about listening to my clients, understanding their needs and building a trusting relationship. My goal for every project is to give my clients the design that they want to live in every day. My clients come first and always will.


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